Hands that are smooth as silk...

We pride ourselves on confidentiality and the fact that we can offer services you would not usually entertain in the streets of Bangkok in your very own home. So why not take advantage of this and indulge in our services that include handjob in Bangkok. We ensure that all steps of our service are perfect, right down to the softness of our ladies’ skin.

60 Minutes

2200 THB (1 Round)

90 Minutes

2500 THB (1 Round)

120 Mins

3100 THB (2 Rounds)

Blowjob / Footjob / Boobjob

Sensuous, soft touches...which do you like most?

Do you want to ensure your massage ends in the most perfect way possible? Then why not have one of our specially trained girls give you the experience of a lifetime! Our girls can provide blowjobs, boobjobs and footjobs in Bangkok depending on your fantasy, or whatever service you’d prefer on the day.

60 Minutes

2400 THB (1 Round)

90 Minutes

2700 THB (1 Round)

120 Minutes

3400 THB (2 Rounds)

The Full Service: Making Love

Lose yourself in her embrace completely...

This is our ‘whole nine yards’ service. Choose our full love making service for a truly complete experience that will make you question everything you have had before it. This will include everything and more to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Our beautiful girls will provide high quality massage services, full body sexual services and more.

60 Minutes

2500 THB (1 Round)

100 Minutes

3000 THB (1 Round)

120 Minutes

4000 THB (2 Rounds)

180 Minutes

5000 THB (2 Rounds)